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Borshchevsky G.A. Transformation of the Public Service in the Context of Political Change: the US Experience

Moscow University Bulletin. Series 21. Public Administration. 2017. No 2

The article examines the experience of the bureaucracy reform in the US federal government. The study explores the years of Barack Obama’s democratic administration (2009–2016). The author also reviews the previous reform attempts, which determined the starting conditions of the present one. The method is offered for evaluating the development of the public service institutions in the context of national socio-economic development (SED). On materials of the World Bank the author reviews the dynamics of the empirical indicators characterizing the development of key sectors of the US economy. The author has also collected a database of the key development indicators for the US federal government authorities on the basis of the civil service statistics, and detailed it by sectors of control. It was found that the average values of SED for all sectors improved by 4 per cent for five years while the value of Public Service Development Index increased by 22,4 per cent. There is stagnation in most sectors of the US economy and a growing need for the transformation of the United States civil service. It can occur within the traditional administrative paradigm or be focused on public involvement in the adoption and implementation of government decisions. A variant could be a new wave of privatization, decentralization and deregulation, same as during Ronald Reagan-era reforms. New president Donald Trump’s program suggests the implementation of the second scenario, although it will cause resistance from the Washington bureaucracy. The author has also analyzed the transformation of the American civil service in comparison with similar processes in Russia. It made it possible to identify the common trends and to develop proposals for designing a public service reform in Russia.

Key words: the United States, civil service reform, efficiency, indexes, socioeconomic development, regulation.



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