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Aleksandrov G.V. The Indians, the Dutch, the British: the colonial expansion of European and Native Americans in the early XVII century. Reasons Pequot War

Moscow University Bulletin. Series 21. Public Administration. 2016. No 4

The Pequot war of 1637-38 was the first major military conflict involving the English colonists of New England. The Englishmen and their allies fought against the Pequot people, at the time controlling the Connecticut river valley. Aside from pequots, both the Dutch colonists and several other native groups showed a significant interest in Connecticut. Even the English colonies, though united during the conflict itself, experienced several political and economic conflicts over the influence on that particular region. Nevertheless, despite all this tension, for nearly two decades until the mid-1630s all the local powers with vested interests in Connecticut maintained peaceful relations and managed to avoid conflicts. The causes of the sudden escalation of these tensions towards open warfare were a subject of debates among the historians for many decades, and the matter is still far from settled. In this article, the author examines the goals and motivations of various groups, both Native and European, comprising the early XVIIth century New England society and attempts to understand exactly why the decades-long peaceful coexistence dissolved into open warfare.

Key words: New England, Pequot War, Indian wars, New Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay Colony, Pequot-Narraganset conflict, Intercolonial conflicts, European colonies in North America, XVIIth century.



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