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Leontiev Y.V. Elections at the V Congress of Soviets and a government crisis unit Bolsheviks and Left SRs

Moscow University Bulletin. Series 21. Public Administration. 2016. No 1

One of the key events in the history of the first months of the Soviet state was the so-called “revolt of the Left SR”, which happened on 6−7 July 1918 and put an end to a brief period of cooperation between the Bolsheviks and the Left SR in the framework of the Soviet system. The article examines the causes of the crisis, its escalation and resolution. Local cases of confrontation between former allies in April — June 1918, suggest a stable trend of transition of the conflict from the information plane into an open struggle. By this time, the Left SR had numerical superiority in several provincial and some district Councils. The article gives many examples of the beginning of the confrontation between the two Soviet parties on the ground, expressed in the information war, officials abandoning their positions, forced closures of SR publications, or, conversely, acceptance of the opposition of the local resolutions of the congresses of Soviets under the influence of the Left SR. Generally, in the struggle between the SR and the Bolsheviks, the SR sought to use methods that can be called “parliamentary”; while the Bolsheviks relied more on “extra-parliamentary” methods. During the elections the Bolsheviks used various manipulation methods that ensured the victory of the Bolsheviks in the elections. In the end, as certain members of the Committee of the Congress from the left socialist revolutionaries recognized only 350 of the Communist mandates, i.e. 62% of the total number of Bolshevik delegates. Thus, in their view, the election results were manipulated.

Key words: left socialist revolutionaries, V Congress of Soviets.



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