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Sakharov V.A. Tsar Ivan the Terrible and Selected pleased: the debate about the fate of Russian statehood

Moscow University Bulletin. Series 21. Public Administration. 2014. No 4

The article justifies the necessity of revision of the traditional viewpoint on the conflict between the Tsar Ivan IV and the members of the Chosen council. Their impact on the young tsar and their efforts to turn him into an instrument of their own interests is also carefully examined. Their political and socioeconomic goals are established. The tsars’ opposition to them and his active role in the most important reforms of the 1550’s, directed against the interests of the social forces represented in the Council, are demonstrated, as well as his system of arguments for the autocratic power of the orthodox tsar and his responsibility before God for its setting and implementation are demonstrated. Political and socioeconomic substance of the conflict between the Tsar and the Chosen council is revealed: the latter's desire for the restoration of the system that existed before the formation of the centralized Russian state, and the Tsar's unwillingness to allow the return to the past, his drive to insure the continuing development of the Russian state and society.

Keywords: Tsar Ivan Terrible, absolutism, Chosen Council, Andrey Kurbskiy, Adashev, Silvester.



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