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Аннотации статей

Klementev D.S. The social dimension of risk in modern industrialization management technologies

Moscow University Bulletin. Series 21. Public Administration. 2014. No 4

The article studies the social dimension of internationalization that produces specific forms of risk. The author touches upon geopolitical aspects of risks connected with management techniques. The article justifies the necessity of forming new methods of social policy, concerning the growing role of the subject of management within social and economic modernization of the Russian society.

The article also justifies the dialectic of industrialization process. In relation to the outside global market, both production and distribution are parts of the internal environment of the production process, but in relation to a particular enterprise they are external. Internal environment involves comparing their own features and those of their competitors, which helps to evaluate their own advantages and drawbacks.

The article states that industrialization process inevitably makes risk society apprehend possible technological, economic, ecological and other consequences. It constantly deals with always calculated or prevented; therefore the level of risk in the society goes up. Political institutions are unable to decrease the risks created by the new technogenic factors, which leads to social instability.

Keywords: industrialization, social dimension, management techniques, risks, economic modernization.



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