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Kupryashin G.L. Institution-building in the process of public administration reform

Moscow University Bulletin. Series 21. Public Administration. 2014. No 4

Economic realities of the global competitive market require a new approach to the development of Russia. Analysis of the current state of the Russian economy and the world experience in implementing corporate venture investment shows that this kind of investment is becoming an important element of the innovative development of the economy. CVC is a new form of investment for Russia. In the absence of competition and the presence of large corporations with a dominant position in their industries, corporate venture investment can be an effective tool in building an innovative economy. CVC advantages are flexibility of forms and types of investment. But at the same time, when creating corporate venture funds, as well as implementing CVC, many companies are faced with institutional and infrastructural problems. Implementation of this form of investment in Russia faces many difficulties diminishing with the development of this form of investment. And a special role in this process is played by the government.

The article examines the essentials of CVC, explores forms and types of CVC implementation, and gives a complete characterization of the special kind of investment such as corporate venture capital (CVC). The author specifically focuses on the problems arising from the creation of corporate venture funds and implementation of CVC. The article also discusses issues related to the implementation of this form of investment in Russia.

Keywords: corporation, corporate venture investment, venture capital, economics of innovation, start-ups, corporate funds, economic development, innovation infrastructure, innovative activity, venture fund.



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