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Аннотации статей

Eremkin V.A., Sutyrina T.A. Instruments of innovation policy: theory and international experience

Moscow University Bulletin. Series 21. Public Administration. 2014. No 2

The article is devoted to the instruments of innovation policy, which today became a frequent practice. This article provides an overview of the main instruments of innovation policy and their classification on the basis of the general and specific tools determining. The instruments are classified in accordance with the level of the policy impact — on the institutional environment (conducive to sustainable innovation) in whole or in specific areas of concern. Theoretical analysis of each of them is accompanied by examples from international practice. This classification makes it possible to outline a spectrum of tools to solve specific tasks of innovative development drawing on international experience.

As shown in the study, the most important condition for developing and conducting a successful innovation policy is attention to the institutional environment, in which stimulating economy measures are implemented. However, the possibilities of their application in the different institutional environment are limited.

In this regard, the study of specific instruments, that can influence innovation system focusing on specific areas, has a particular practical importance. This approach involves imposition of separate innovative mechanisms on the existing system. It should also taken into account that such partial measures can not lead to full-value results (i. e. those which could take place subject to the whole set of conditions), the latter can be achieved through comprehensive and systemic reforms.

Keywords: innovation policy, general and specific instruments, innovation system, institutional environment.



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